A mother’s love

T’was a hectic night when all chaos was over and done with, I sat with my folded legs in my old, worn and odourful sofa that my moma had for years, cuddled between my cushions and blanket with my hand plagarizing my cheek and right there and then I thought to myself, the space between time should be my focal point. I took a quick gaze at my son as he slept peacefully and instantly, I spoke, ‘If ever a time my decisions in life affects you, i am sorry. Just know, that I have made those decisions with the assumptions that they would be best for you.’

So though those decisions may very well be undesirable of you, you were the focal point and I’ve trusted that my decisions would be the best thing for you. With that being said, my son never forget the power that God resides in you. Never underestimate truth and what orchestration it may reveal. Never for one minute deny your manhood, always aim at improving yourself day by day and allow faith to empower your journey. Be fearless in your endeavours, be it good. Be the man many fail to be, love yourself first, so you may understand what it means to love another. Be grateful for your wife and children and be that firm back bone in which your wife and children envelopes their fate because of the God in you. Be the vessel to which your wife looks for a prophet, a provider, a peace maker and a priest. If for one minute you fall, remember the principles of getting up, climbing up, picking up, brushing off and restarting.

My son, I trust you will hearken unto God’s teachings so that your wife will never curse you, for if she does then she may very well curse me, for I am responsible for the pot you become. For this cause I understand that my purpose is greater than I’ve ever thought and that my job as a mother isn’t easy but for this I trust that God have empowered me to be the potter and cornered you to the Potter’s house, where moulding and training takes place. For if ever a time I be biased with my teachings, I pray the Lord will reshape you and give you a devine shape that mankind cannot break.

If ever my love for you becomes questionable to you and if ever a moment your love for me becomes a love-hate scenario, remember it took a Mother’s love to dedicate you in prayer and fasting for 7 days so that conception maybe succesful and your birth maybe GRAND. Only true love that would have caused a mother to deny herself, and only the love of a mother is second to that of God’s love for you, that he granted you life. When a mother’s love and God’s love join together, it purges doubt and casteth out all fear. A mother’s love is declaring that I don’t expect you to love me the way I do. Infact, I don’t expect you to love me at all just because of my love for you or just because I have sacrificed my whole life for you but rather to love you and to serve you unconditionally so you may experience God’s mighty work through me and in that you may understand the epitome of love.

Author: Peta-Gaye Forbes-Robinson

Peta-Gaye Robinson otherwise known publicly as Phoebe is known for her love for writing but not just any type of writing. She is currently writing her first book which holds some of her life’s stories that may seem daunting. She is mostly known for inspirational writings and domestic violence and child abuse articles that edifies and change lives of victims and perpetrators. She is also a Radio Broadcaster for a local re-known radio program. She is a Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Activist and is currently in the process of establishing a program geared towards assisting youths with creative remedies to overcome the negative effects of abuse and to soar higher than their expectations. Phoebe Robin has been married for over seven years and has a bouncing baby boy. She currently holds a degree in Business Administration and is presently studying Media & Communication at a local university with hopes of establishing her very own T.V. Show. Her life’s prescription that cures from the root any known or unknown illnesses is, ‘The Grave is a dark and secluded place for a reason, we all need a silent period in our lives to get quiet with God, to allow God to think through us and to be silent in allowing God to answer our questions so that every daunting issues that tried to bury us in a Grave will be faced with God’s resurrection power to breathe life and purpose in us, that Grace may grant us courage to walk out of the Grave.’

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