The love of God surpasseth all understanding. His words are a lamp unto our feet. We are the clay and he is the maker of the pot we become when his spirit flushes our system.

What else must we say? ‘God is a good God, yes he is.’ Who could it be but God? You no longer adhered to the laws of the devil, you no longer walk in defeat, you no longer faint at the presence of your storms but you stand firmly and steadfast in his promises, that he withholdeth nothing good from his people.

And so we ask ourselves, who are we?

Are we God’s people, are we for God or are we against God?

So then we view our lives and we are held responsible to take accountability of the choices we make. Have we truly released ourselves in the palm of God’s hands? Have we truly repented of our demonic thoughts or our devilish actions, have we really?

You see God is concerned with our soul and because he is concerned, we have a cross to carry. Praise his holy name for his mercy.

Author: Peta-Gaye Forbes-Robinson

Peta-Gaye Robinson otherwise known publicly as Phoebe is known for her love for writing but not just any type of writing. She is currently writing her first book which holds some of her life’s stories that may seem daunting. She is mostly known for inspirational writings and domestic violence and child abuse articles that edifies and change lives of victims and perpetrators. She is also a Radio Broadcaster for a local re-known radio program. She is a Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Activist and is currently in the process of establishing a program geared towards assisting youths with creative remedies to overcome the negative effects of abuse and to soar higher than their expectations. Phoebe Robin has been married for over seven years and has a bouncing baby boy. She currently holds a degree in Business Administration and is presently studying Media & Communication at a local university with hopes of establishing her very own T.V. Show. Her life’s prescription that cures from the root any known or unknown illnesses is, ‘The Grave is a dark and secluded place for a reason, we all need a silent period in our lives to get quiet with God, to allow God to think through us and to be silent in allowing God to answer our questions so that every daunting issues that tried to bury us in a Grave will be faced with God’s resurrection power to breathe life and purpose in us, that Grace may grant us courage to walk out of the Grave.’

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