Dimensional Praise.

When you have placed a glass of water in the freezer. The water becomes frozen and expand and so because the glass no-longer have sufficient space for expansion, it becomes broken.

I am here to tell someone that if only you had placed yourself in the right container, ‘in God’ you would not have been broken, even when your situation have become too cold and too frozen to a place of stillness.

When a plastic container of water have been placed in the freezer, the water becomes ice and expands but the plastic stretches as a support holder.

Isaiah 43:2 states, ‘When you go through deep waters I will be with you.

No matter the depth, no matter how cold it gets, no matter how tearless, numb and frozen the situation becomes. God will support you, his righteous right hand will stretch fort to help you and he will not allow the situation to break you. Don’t be discouraged, be bold, be brave, be courageous. Commit to the Lord, let him carry you, let him be the burden bearer, ‘that plastic container’ and he will sustain you. The moment you have decided to take your situations in your own hands and allow, ‘Self’ to do what only, ‘God’ can do, when the situations have become too cold and frozen with no-more room for expansion, you will break.

The song writer Lauren Daigle said, ‘Even the ocean push and pull at your command. So you could still my heart with your hand. You tell the seasons when its time for them to turn. So I will trust you even when it hurts. You give me everything.’

I want to say to you, ‘Your winter did not come to harm you, it came to prepare you for your spring, so spring may also grant you lessons that feeds your growth so that the firy heat of summer will not burn you but will only cause you to sweat and toil more for righteousness and summer may transform you into autumn so heavy yokes and strong holds may fall off but you will not be shaken or moved by any force that comes and your load may now be light.’

God is who gives everything, the scripture says: Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘There is a time for everything and a reason for every activity under the Heavens.’

God also reminded us that, ‘he will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord.’

In all things God is to be praised because everything have its due season and its reasons. Praise God for who he is and what he have done. His ressurection power must cause us to only exalt his name. God is God and there is none like him. When the situation is cold praise him, when it is hot praise him, when it is mild praise him because all things must come to an end and at the end it must be to glorify his name.

Author: Peta-Gaye Forbes-Robinson

Peta-Gaye Robinson otherwise known publicly as Phoebe is known for her love for writing but not just any type of writing. She is currently writing her first book which holds some of her life’s stories that may seem daunting. She is mostly known for inspirational writings and domestic violence and child abuse articles that edifies and change lives of victims and perpetrators. She is also a Radio Broadcaster for a local re-known radio program. She is a Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Activist and is currently in the process of establishing a program geared towards assisting youths with creative remedies to overcome the negative effects of abuse and to soar higher than their expectations. Phoebe Robin has been married for over seven years and has a bouncing baby boy. She currently holds a degree in Business Administration and is presently studying Media & Communication at a local university with hopes of establishing her very own T.V. Show. Her life’s prescription that cures from the root any known or unknown illnesses is, ‘The Grave is a dark and secluded place for a reason, we all need a silent period in our lives to get quiet with God, to allow God to think through us and to be silent in allowing God to answer our questions so that every daunting issues that tried to bury us in a Grave will be faced with God’s resurrection power to breathe life and purpose in us, that Grace may grant us courage to walk out of the Grave.’

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