Friend Hurt

Job 11:16

You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by. 

I spent years with eyes behind me looking out for a devil with physical horns, musky scent, red eyes, frowty mouth and with timidating roars but while i looked with the wrong perceptions of life, i got wounded by a FRIEND.

Have you ever been stabbed with your own knife, with your own screw driver, with your own prick?

Have you ever been rejected, been neglected, been abandoned, been betrayed, been deceived by a FRIEND?

Well some of us may not have experienced the, ‘FRIEND HURT’ journey but majority of us have. When Christ walked the path of humanity, friendship was one way he chose to disciple his followers, to mentor and to mold. He made it his priority to understand each person, and hold some closer to him, those he called, ‘His faithful servants.’ Servants such as Peter and Mary understood the price of being a friend, of being faithful and of being committed. These two demonstrated love and loyalty to Christ even when they slipped, they knew they were committed to the circle or chains of Christ. They may have denied him several times, may have doubted him on many occasions but never have they betrayed him, never have they deceived him, never have they forgot their vows to honour and to love the man Christ, the God Christ, the Rabbi.

They chose to spit out pride and boastfulness to embrace their FRIEND Jesus Christ. Many times Christ’s corrections and words have hurt them, many times they could have rebelled, they could have rejected him, they could have decided to stop loving him and they could have stopped believing in him but because the journey of FRIENDSHIP requires a continuous and consistent effort to be better, to make a difference, to change, to compromise, to share your genuine feelings and to repent of any wrongs to each other and to God, they were steadfast in their FRIENDSHIP with Christ.

What friendship have you thrown aside and why?

Have you been convicted of rejection or rejecting that friend?

Have God been laying it upon your heart to hold this person close to you?

Have God been speaking to you about a particular potential friend?

I know that the past may at times cloud our minds and have determined our decisions that we make but if God is instructing you on the matter of friendship, yield.

It is imperative that we obey the Spirit of God. However God seeks to do his business sometimes may baffle us but its really not for us to be baffled about. It is for us to surrender and to obey.

Sometimes one simple thing said can turn into ugly hurts. Ugly hurts can become blisters and painful sores. Pride is the number one killer in a relationship. Destroy pride now. Ask the Holy Spirit to minister to your heart and to break the chains of pride so that you will make fruitful decisions in your commitment to honour your FRIENDSHIPS!

Also becareful, not all friendships were meant for your growth, some were meant for your fall from Grace. Godly wisdom is required when choosing your friends. Jesus Christ had fasted and prayed before he began his journey in creating his circle of disciples. Pray about your friend/s, if God is speaking to you about a friend/s, pray that God grants you wisdom, patience, strength, understanding, peace and love to step out in faith and obedience and start building that FRIENDSHIP, that DISCIPLE. Your friendship must be your avenue for DISCIPLESHIP.


Dear God, i know i may be too rigid but Lord release me from the spirit of rejection and of past hurts that i will be able to reap your blessings, to embrace new friends and to love them without limitations. Father in you i trust that my heart will be guarded as you are my comforter and leader. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Copyrighted: Plagiarism is illegal.

Author: Peta-Gaye Forbes-Robinson

Peta-Gaye Forbes-Robinson is an author and a social media personality. She is also an inspirational motivational speaker with experience in broadcasting and the print media with several appearances and interviews on local television. She is the founder of the TestIMony Tuesdays Morning show which is aired on Youtube every Tuesday and the director of a new company NiceItUp Home & Office Decors Ltd. Mrs. Robinson is a dedicated member of the Portmore Holiness Christian Church and shares an amazing relationship with her spiritual father Rev. Dr. Alvin Bailey and spiritual sister Rev. Tashi Campbell. She strongly believes in taking the love of Christ to all nations and bringing awareness to the mighty works of God in whatever creative ways the Holy Spirit instructs. Peta-Gaye Forbes- Robinson has been married for nine (9) years to Ricardo Robinson and they have a wonderful son and hope to add another bundle of joy in the future.

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