The Importance of a Shepherd’s Visitation

Jeremiah 23:2

Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the Pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock and driven them away, and have NOT VISITED THEM: Behold i will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.

Many Pastor’s today have become so tied to the affairs of this World and have settled for the structure of the secular corporate operations.

Pastors have you forgotten your Shepherdness?

Why have you forgotten to visit your sheep?

Why have you launched into being a marketplace junky for all sheep to gather instead at your preaching centre? Isn’t this the way of the Corporate world where all workers and consumers go to the market place for what they have need of?

Dear Pastors, i implore you, get back to attending to your flock. Be not conform to the things of this world. Do not allow yourselves to get lost in the busyness of Administrative duties, Clergy duties, Political duties etc and have forgotten the real meaning of being a SHEPHERD.

A shepherd tends to his flock, a shepherd goes after his sheep. A shepherd knows when his sheep is hurting, when his sheep is hungry and when his sheep is lost.

In Jeremiah 23:2 it says, ‘ Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them behold i will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.

Visitation is such an important tool in retaining and receiving new members of any local church. It is a spiritually driven tool which God declared as vital for all Shepherds to use.

There are so many reasons, why a Shepherd’s visitation is so important to the building up of the body of Christ.

Some of these reasons are and are not limited to the listings here:

A visit makes a sheep a loyal member of your church

To neglect the emotional and spiritual needs of a sheep is a sin

The Church will only grow through direct contact of visitation.

It allows new persons and old members to feel accepted, respected, genuinely loved and appreciated

Biggest one is, every member’s expectations are to receive a visit

The more you visit, the more that member grows

And aslo, different pastors and leaders are expected to visit as it shows one vision and a firm foundation.

I know it is quite difficult but when the office of a Shepherd was given it was not given to you as an easy mantle of clothing to wear. It is indeed a heavy cloak that is expected to be worn right and at all times according to the will of God.

Every Pastor must be at that place they can discern when a sheep is in trouble or when a sheep needs medicine. Do not wait for the sheep to come to you at all times with an existing problem but you approach that sheep as you recognize the need at hand.

This shows that proper leadership is demonstrated and a heighten level of trust will be formed between Shepherd and Sheep.

Pastors, if you are reading this, especially during this season we are in, day by day, our time is being shortened. Start doing the basics. Get back to the basics, live according to the Shepherd’s mantle and do not conform to the ways of this world.

Your sheep is depending on you, like they are depending on Christ for you. Christ is the ultimate Shepherd but you were placed on this earth to demonstrate what Christ did for his sheep. He visited, he went after them, he redirected them. You were given the equipment to retain your members, to redirect lost members and to restructure your congregation. I encourage you tackle this in prayer, as i hear the Lord saying, ‘Get back to tending to my flock.’


Lord Jesus the ultimate Shepherd you are, because of you we shall not want because of this Lord we rely on you for our growth and for you to steer us on the path we must go. Lord strengthen your Shepherds you have planted in the lives of your sheep. Teach them how to return to basics in Jesus’ name Amen.

Author: Peta-Gaye Forbes-Robinson

Peta-Gaye Robinson otherwise known publicly as Phoebe is known for her love for writing but not just any type of writing. She is currently writing her first book which holds some of her life’s stories that may seem daunting. She is mostly known for inspirational writings and domestic violence and child abuse articles that edifies and change lives of victims and perpetrators. She is also a Radio Broadcaster for a local re-known radio program. She is a Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Activist and is currently in the process of establishing a program geared towards assisting youths with creative remedies to overcome the negative effects of abuse and to soar higher than their expectations. Phoebe Robin has been married for over seven years and has a bouncing baby boy. She currently holds a degree in Business Administration and is presently studying Media & Communication at a local university with hopes of establishing her very own T.V. Show. Her life’s prescription that cures from the root any known or unknown illnesses is, ‘The Grave is a dark and secluded place for a reason, we all need a silent period in our lives to get quiet with God, to allow God to think through us and to be silent in allowing God to answer our questions so that every daunting issues that tried to bury us in a Grave will be faced with God’s resurrection power to breathe life and purpose in us, that Grace may grant us courage to walk out of the Grave.’

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