The Valley of Dried Bones

Can you imagine walking in a valley with no-one else on your side but only dried bones in your sight, every direction you turn?

What would be your thoughts? Nothing to eat, no-one to comfort you or to reassure you, no fresh air to breathe but the air of death that surrounds you. You may think to yourselves, ‘I would probably die eventually as I am fed daily with the remains of dead things.’ And then you probably are thinking….’Oh well, thank God this valley of dried bones doesn’t exist in my life but that of Ezekiel’s.’ Look around you, look around your home, does everything have life in it, don’t you see a skull hanging on a rope some where? Okay, what about your plants, are they alive? Wat about your marriage, do you see the crumbs of dried bones or check your mind, do you have a valley of dead things?

The thing about our facade is that….it is not faithful to us……it cheats the relationship of our hearts and is only faithful to our outward mask, the facade is also a skull, a dried bone painted in our image, a counterfeit of what life is. We live our lives bearing witness daily with Persia and dancing with skulls in the clothing of Lazarus. Yet we ask,

‘When are we going to see our break through?’

‘When are we going to be healed?’ ‘When are we going to get that job of our desire?’

‘When are we going be able to finish our studies?’

‘When are we going to get that husband or wife?’

‘When are we going to enjoy our marriage again or our spouses?’

‘When, when, when?’

The real question is, ‘do you think death walks freely or was it commanded?’

God spoke and called Lazarus by name and commanded him to be awakened. God spoke. He spoke life as he believed in his powers to prophesy and changed atmospheres. God spoke to Ezekiel and said, ‘Ezekiel, go to the valley and prophesy these things.’ Ezekiel spoke!

The thing about prophesying is that, prophesying holds no communion with dead believes. Dead believes is the reproductive organs for dried mouth and an infertile tongue –Phoebe Robin-. God is saying as he calls fort Lazarus by name the same spirit that woke Lazarus from the dead God have annointed you with that power to step fort and call every dead situation in your life by name and prophesy. Speak the word, ‘Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live.’ God is saying, get up and rip every dead clothing off and break every grave. Throw out every facade, every mask, every scent of death and speak life. Put the flesh of God’s mighty words on every dried up bones and step fort as you believe in the power of life in the power of God that everything that has breath must praise God. We don’t worship a God that doesn’t need recognition, we worship a God that needs to be glorified, as a result speak life in every dead thing and awaken their position so even those things unspokenly in their moment of life, they may glorify the God of Ezekiel and the God of Lazarus and the people of God will now know; trust and believe the word of God, ‘And I will multiply upon you man and beast; and they shall increase and bring fruit: and I will settle you after your old estates, and will do better unto you than at your beginnings: and ye shall know that I am the Lord.’

God is saying, command your valley of dried bones to be an army of life.

The Jamaican Gomer


Hosea 1:2 stated,

“This was the Lord’s first message to Hosea. The Lord said, “Go marry a prostitute who has had children as a result of her prostitution. Do this because the people in this country have acted like prostitutes-they have been unfaithful to the Lord.”

Go marry a prostitute was the command of God to the prophet Hosea. Many have the notion that God’s will for any marriage is to be equally yoked. A prophet and a prostitute doesn’t seem like much of an equilibrium. Infact it doesn’t seem like a match of God’s divine order based on what society refers to as equally yoked. Was Gomer and Hosea equally yoked or were they unequally yoked? Many may have asked the same question, and many may have been shocked at the thought of a prostitute and a prophet of God. Many would have believed that when God made the command, Gomer’s past life became null and void, all her sins were washed away and she was made new for the coming of the prophet Hosea. This the majority would use to justify the act to make more sense out of it using our very own little brain that is yet to phatom the works of God.

Hosea’s purpose was not only to marry a prostitute but his purpose was to bring a revelation to the shame that conceals the act of sin and reveals the purpose within the sin of whoredom. Not only Hosea but Gomer was purposed by God to be used as an example to a nation that needed a wake up call. Could you imagine yourself being used by God as a prostitute? Many would think, “Oh no, God did not use Gomer as a prostitute, infact God would never be apart of such sinful lifestyle.” Well, in my perception a prostitute may very well be used to the Glory of God’s work too, to bring forth revelation and to fulfill his divine will and purpose. Gomer’s character was the direct imagery of Israel. The Israelites were known to be God’s people and so when they began to commit adultery, fornication and idolatry with other gods, Jehovah, God decided he would have used the flesh of a human whom have identical ways and motives to demonstrate to the people of Israel that they will be punished greatly and will no longer be his people. “What a beautiful but complex and harsh love story you may think.”
God had demonstrated his un-dying and unconditional love for his people through the merciful eyes and actions of Hosea. Though Hosea was hurt terribly and was battling between the thoughts of anger, frustration, doubt and pain, he still availeth himself to the works of God, he hearkened unto God’s command and chose to forgive Gomer his promiscuous wife and he reclaimed her back in his arms and in his heart. He loved her truly regardless of the many deceipts, the many affairs, the many occasions of scandulous words against him and the insensitive care towards him.
Just as Hosea forgave Gomer, God forgave us. Just has how Hosea granted mercy, God desired to grant us the same. However, mercy, forgiveness and grace could not be experienced if Gomer hadn’t made a choice as well to accept. Gomer also hearkened unto God’s voice regardless of her many sins, she too followed God’s command to accept marriage, to bear children, to return from her whoredom to the life with her loving Husband. If we look closely at Jamaica, we would see a Gomer and an Hosea. In every day life and relationships, the Gomer and Hosea spirits are evident. When we looked around us in the spiritual realm, for those whom understand, Jamaica, though beautiful in culture we are devious in ways. The people of Jamaica have become whores serving other gods and building their idols from just about anything they could worship. From nicromancy to homosexuality, to adultery of serving other false Gods, satansim, to buduism, to the very smart phones and tablets that exist in this fast going world. So was Gomer and Hosea equally yoked? No, but the scripture Mark 10:9 stated, “What God put together, let no man put asunder.” This I believe that all things works together for good of those whom love the Lord and all things must be to his Glory and not man.

Because Israel had gotten so prosperous as a country, the issues presented itself of moral and spiritual slum baths. Just as in Jamaica and in Hosea’s marriage, prosperity came and the fruit of their womb became obviously blessed and so secularism and materialism captured the hearts of the Jamaican people like it had captured the heart of Gomer and as a result, sin became an explosive factor, rampant. God is saying to us, stop the swearing, lying, killing, stealing, perversion, sexual immorality, sexual addiction, perjury, deceit, oppression, drunkenness, false witnessing, adultery but more so stop this seduction for idolatry. Come back to him, God is saying, “come back to me and I will restore thee.”
As it stated in Hosea 4:18-19, “Their drink is sour: they have committed whoredom continually: her rulers with shame do love, Give ye.
19: The wind hath bound her up in her wings , and they shall be ashamed because of their sacrifices.”
How shameful is it, to be loved and yet do wrong? Have you ever been caught by the Holy Spirit in an unworthy act and you scorn your own self just by the thoughts of what you did and not just what you did but who you disobeyed? Have you ever shed tears of regrets, because the sins you have committed cannot be forgotten by you but you know that your loving Father in Heaven forgave you and you are just at awe at his love and his un-dying mercy and his assurance?
Well imagine how Gomer must have felt when her loving Husband came and re-claimed her though she did him wrong. Imagine the strength Hosea had to follow God’s command and forgive her and to take her back. Imagine how God feels when we know what’s right and yet we allow the flesh to lead us to shame. Imagine the love God have for us why he is able to accept us regardless of our flaws. Imagine his soverignty when we are given that chance to hearkened unto his voice. Imagine Jamaica, when Gomer had return to her rightful home and role. Imagine if we hearkened unto God’s voice and return to God. Imagine what supernatural powers would transform this little country, Jamaica land we love. The Jamaican Gomer, must return. She must be return from her whoredom to be restored and healed.

Don’t Prostitute my efforts for righteousness


As I sat at my dinning table, read my bible and meditated on God’s promises and his words, my thoughts drifted to the ways of man. If judgements were left in our hands, oh man, the earth would not experience its fullness thereof and the world and they that dwell there in. It is so discouraging sometimes when all those around you condemns your every effort to turn from your evil ways. It is astonishing how man in its design could forget the actuality of the words of God. Weren’t we born in sin and shaped in iniquity? Have we not or have we never committed sins that are internal and sins that are external? Have we not repeatedly fight battles within our mind and have we not fell in the pit of temptation?

I dear you to find a human, that one person whom have never sinned and have never been through trials and colours of temptations. If you have found that person other than Jesus Christ who became man amongst us for a while, I don’t want to meet him or her. Their existence would be filled with lies. As I remembered how low I felt after my disernment of an event, God reminded me of his words, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, to give you hope and a future.’

I smiled in the reassurance of my adoption in his Kingdom. That when others seemingly don’t know my name or refuse to accept my name, God knows my name. It is evident that I am not perfect, that I have done some unrighteous things, that I have been evil in my ways and thoughts but to God be the Glory, all Glory and honour belongs to him, I am forgiven, all my charges were taken and nailed to the cross, hands and feet. John said, For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believeth in him must not perish but have everlasting life. With this promise, we ought to trust his forgiveness and his supernatural power to annoint us and affirm us even when man denies us or tried to block us from that which God have predestined us for. I love God and I’m inlove with his majesty. I pray each day for God to release me of my flesh and grant me a fresh annointing that I may walk militantly in his spirit and develop a personal relationship with God. By this I mean, to worship him even when situations forces me to be dry, pray fervently, interactively and intimately with God that his voice would be so familiar as he speaks to me that I would have recognized him by his voice.

Perforated Lies

Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight.


Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight. Proverbs 12:22. Repeatedly we view ourselves as righteous and holy, yet we live miles away from truth. Truth becomes that far distance cousin who we only visit on special holidays or better yet truth becomes our so-called holiday church spirit which we only visit on Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve.  We try to justify our lying lips by using statements such as:
‘A joke mia mek man’
‘Chro petty lie anuh lie’
‘Obligation to confidentiality’
‘It was just a suprise’
‘Yuh never ask me, suh mi jus neva bada seh nutten’
‘Mi neva mean it deh way deh’
‘Mi neva kno how fi tel yuh’
‘Babes mi neva wah hurt yuh’
‘Mi kno yuh wuda get upset’
Etc.  There are so many different scenario of lies, repeated lies.  The saddest thing about it, we train our children in the same manner to practically lie while confusing them with our theories.  We say to them, ‘Children thou shalt not lie, its an abomination to God, lying is wrong.’  Yet, the co-worker who you owed $5000 have stopped by your home for repayments and what do you do?
‘Trecia,’ you whispered.
‘Yes mom,’ Trecia whispered as well.
‘Tell Melicka, I am not home.
Trecia walked briskfully to the door.  As she opened the door and pleasantly said good morning, she then said, ‘Melicka, mom said to tell you she isn’t home.’  Trecia vehemently covers her mouth in shock as her eyes opened wide fearing what the results maybe.  How do you think that child felt or Melicka or even how do you think the mother felt?  All three experienced a moment of confusion, fear, deception, disturbance, shock and regrets.  Lies are lies, whether big or small, the effects of lies are dependent on each person’s unique design.  If we speak against lies daily then why is it we normalize it on the other end.  Are we then saying, lies are uniquely  bipolar?  This minute it functions as a norm and in a split second it changes to the code of wrongs?  Lies cannot be measured via a scale or numerically calculated, it cannot be understood as a categorized fire, flame or explosion neither can it be explained via a time machine sequence.  Just like sin, its neither big nor small.  A sin is a sin and a lie is a lie and a lie is a sin and they both are intertwinably wrong. Lies creates the existence of perforation. Perforate means to pierce and make a hole or holes in to form a separation. When you have lied to someone, it may scar the person emotionally and may create an invisible hole in the person’s heart that forces the person to feel hurt, angry and bitter against the perpetrator. It creates a separation between the liar and the victim as the quality of the relationship becomes broken. When you are dishonest, be it a big or a small lie, it breaks down trust, loyalty, respect, reliability, honesty, assurance, love, unity, peace and security. With this being said, lies maybe looked at as perforated, hence my topic Perforated Lies. Dishonesty have been played with like a new toy around the world for centuries. It is even found in some distasteful situations of the latent, psychopathic mind. The mind that have the sole purpose of making his or her victims believe the very lies by using discreet manipulative tactics. The toxic shadow of emotional abuse perforates your soul subconsciously and dictates your level of insecurities. The emotional abuser lies repeatedly inorder to control and compromise the victim’s reaction. As soon as an emotional abuser discovers their victim is leaving their control, they alter their behaviour to match that of the victim’s desire. For eg. Your husband was always unhelpful and allows you to do everything: Cook, take care of the children, wash, clean, work the same 9 to 5 job as he does, and look after him. The moment you decided to leave, he retraced his actions and immediately takes care of chores such as: Bathing the child/children, cooking, cleaning or even doing outside cleaning without you making that suggestion. This discreet manipulation makes you re-think your decisions and foster his remedial change. The abuser becomes happy because now he got you where he wants you, back under his control. This becomes harder for you because now you have regained trust and now it is more difficult for you to leave, because now you are possibly pregnant after all that make-up shenanigans. At this point the emotional abuser becomes complacent again and his distinct abusive character is now visible again. Now he believes you would never leave, he got you right where he needs you, in his web.

Now your heart, your soul and your securities become perforated with his lies that you have lost yourself in the midst.
Do not allow yourselves to be swaddled in emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is silent yet it is the most dangerous abuse that exist world wide. Anything that targets your mind be it unhealthy and tries to reprogram that weapon is dangerous. Though emotional abuse is not physical, it is physically connective in that, it encapsulates lies that may force you to suicide, to spiritual death, to character misdeamenor, to identity death and also may lead you to be psychopathically abusive to your own loved ones. Emotional abuse and its lies may be physical too because it is physiological in its core. When a liar believes they are in control of their lies and their lies are really to target the victim, it is not so. When a liar, is dishonest, he or she is really lying to themselves. He or She is continuously shaping their own psychopathic future in that, they themselves start to believe their own lies and their lies have now become a norm, what we refer to as a pathological liar. A pathological liar maybe described as an individual who chronically tells grandiose lies that may stretch or exceed the limits of believability. While most people lie or at least bend the truth occasionally, pathological liars do so habitually. Pathological lying should be considered a distinct psychological disorder because of its non motive habitual structure.

The Ultimate Hero

Repeatedly we go through life being bombarded by what I refer to as Cultural Normality. The normality of the ultimate faded hero. We have grown to believe or to know the forced ripe heroes that have done nothing but being rebellious to early laws and fought a battle for one particular kind of people and that is their very own, Either Black or White, Jews or Gentiles. But when you truely observe this perplexity, it is revealed that, the belief of a hero is to be prejudiced and to maintain that outright law of punishing the villain, while they fought for the good, the good being their people. Nothing about the law have changed, except for equal rights to do that which was already existed.

It being that time of the year, October 15th, 2018, I wondered to myself, every year I have placed the deceased on a pedestal and have placed this huge focus on them, ‘A moment of remembrance and gratitude for heroes,’ they said, so I asked, ‘Why are they heroes, if they died?’

As I looked closer, I asked myself, what is the definition of an hero and what exactly are the characteristics of an hero?’ I looked to the oxford dictionary as I vehemently skipped through the pages and have found that an hero means, ‘A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.‘ Then I understood because of this low and achievable standards have been made available to mankind, to be considered an hero, almost every and anybody could be placed on this pedestal platform. Then I looked at the Characteristics of an hero. An hero bears witness with these characteristics such as; Courage, Selflessness, humility, Patience, Caring, wisdom and the ability to empower a nation. When I look at the Jamaican heroes; Nanny of the Maroon, Paul Bogle, Marcus Garvey just to name a few, they all encapsulate the characteristics of an hero. The New Zealand heroes such as: Maurice Wilkins, Earnest Rutherford and Kate Shepherd all have done some amazing jobs on earth too, even the American heroes: George Washington, Mark Twain even Henry Ford is considered an hero of such examples. When I thoroughly research the other continents like Australia, Asia, Europe, Antarctica and Africa etc. They all bear the same sequence, a number of accomplished empowered people who had the annointing to fight for what they believe in for their own people.

So then it came to me, all these people did so much amazing things and their stories are engraved in the hearts of many world wide and not only that the History have been taught to almost all nation. With that being said we are told, ‘We must know our history, we must know and appreciate the fight of our ancestors and we become very passionate about that. The truth is, though I respect the cause some have fought for and the perseverance and strength they possessed, I absolutely cannot get over the fact that they all died. What this simply means is that any local, any human being can be a socalled hero based on the change they anchor. I cannot meditate on a deceased person who carries DNA of a normal human being. Everyone in most countries respect these heroes so much that they create and legalized a special day in honouring them for their works. I looked at that notion and thought to myself, ‘wow,’ Where is that special day designed solely for Jesus Christ who have been crucified innocently for a great cause to remove the charges from our lives, to free us from our sins? And the amazing thing about that is though he died, on the third day he rose, Jesus Christ is not dead, he is alive.

When I have researched his DNA, it is not that of a human, no man can phatom the mystery that surrounds it. When I observed his works, no local hero can attest to the works of Jesus Christ. He destroyed devils, he commanded demons to flee, he separated the Red Sea, he confuses Satan and his devil worshippers, he made the blind to see, he is the only hero that never killed a villain, that laid his life down to be crucified for the very villains that crucified him, Glory to God he rose on the third day, he made the deaf to hear, he made the lamed to walk, he made the dumb to talk, he delivered those imprisoned by leprosy, he casteth out fear, he multipled food when there was yet little, he rose the dead to life, he changes laws and systems, he changes thought processes and frontal lobes and gives it the ability to operate in its divine order, he grants life, he de-throwns Lucifer and commanded Satan according to his purpose. He taught the universe of life without being taught, his Bachelor, Doctorate and PHD is like no other, it is held on the high thrown of God seated amongst Heavenly things that cannot be traced or copied by no devil. No local hero could sustain that power. If Jesus Christ is more than qualified to do all these miracles and all these great and mighty works, then the ideas of emancipating and establishing independence and to win wars and stop wars and gain high academic accomplishments is like killing an ant. He designs the very ant, he made the very ideology of emancipation and independence, so why is he not being seen as the ultimate hero?

His name should be every where, his teachings should be meditated on, his life should be treasured and the price he paid should be engraved deep in our hearts. Jesus Christ is not only Lord and Saviour, he is not only King of Kings and Lord of Lords, he is the Hero of all heroes. No foreign god can take his place, no locality can overshadow him, no laws can bury him, Jesus Christ is the ULTIMATE HERO.