Were you the couple that started out with only one house item and felt like your home was empty or that you were both empty handed?

Many of us looking back would say, we started from nothing, we rarely had anything.  Like wise there are those who really started off strong and had everything in their hands.  With this being said, does that mean, an empty hand does no good?

I remembered there were times i had nothing in my hand and in my natural state of mind i felt powerless.  But then God revealed something to me, he said, ‘your hands are empty so that your hands may be used by God.’  Your hands can’t be used if it is full.  Like wise, don’t believe that the empty things in your life or that surrounds is of no good use.  God can use any empty thing to fill areas he needs to be filled.

Keep your eyes on him and allow him to fill every corner, every areas of your life and your marriage with the Spirit of God.  He said, ‘ Who the son sets free is free indeed.’  ‘What God puts together let no man put asunder.’  May your home be blessed and may you be thankful of empty hands, so you may avail yourselves to God for his works.



What can you do different in your moments of nothing to give service to the LORD?


Father in the name of Jesus I ask that you equip me with patience and tolerance that I may abound in love and service unto you in Jesus Holy majestic name i pray Amen.