By: Phoebe Robin

I love him
I know I do
But how could I say these three words
I love you
If I don’t know where to find him
So many hours gone by
So many truths and lies
So much laughter
So much days gone I want to cry
So many questions beginning with why
Is he the type of father that will always be gone?
Does he even remember the day I was born?
You left me here feeling forlorn
You left me here wanting more
You left me here thinking you didn’t care
Which deep inside that’s what I really fear
Both you and mom, my heart is flood
With love for both of you
And that’s a definite truth
My wish this year
Is for you my father to be here?
For you to show me just how much you really care
That was my wish for the past few years
Now I’m wishing again
Hoping that you will finally be here.