Distorted Sexuality

A distorted mind is a deformed life

How often have you been told, ‘you don’t wear your shoes right?’ or ‘your hair cannot be braided backwards like a boy or you look like a girl in that pink shirt?’
Many of us have attested to this many a times and what I have discovered, it has nothing to do with where you live or the colour of your skin. You may be thinking, ‘where is she going with all this?’ Well, as the saying goes, you live and you learn. Through living, God have granted me revelations to see with clarity the things I could not have understood outside of his spirit.
As a young woman, with loosed- lace Reebok Sneakers, you are being told, ‘You don’t wear your shoes right?’ Then it propels you to ask yourself, are you different? One question lead to the next, seeds being planted, seeds being watered, and as the days go by and years, you have observed just what they spoke, ‘You don’t wear your shoes right.’ Then you start to act the part and then and only then you start to wear your shoes right. Let me explain.
The statement, ‘You don’t wear your shoes right,’ has fallen into the category of World conformation. What this statement does is to refurbish the mind with distortion and doubts as to who you truly are and who God have created you to be. I am not saying that your mother out of cruelty have birth a distorted soul but what I am saying is even your mother have been enslaved to distortion of the mind. When your mind is distorted, your whole world and normality have become deformed. The moment those words gush through your ears and feed your mind, all you could ask yourself is, ‘Why don’t I wear my shoes right?’ Then it forces you to look blindsided at familiarity, what is around you, what you see daily as you awake and as you approach life’s journey? Then to your discovery, your dad, ‘wears his shoes right.’ To be sure of your discovery, you ask the question, ‘Daddy is that how you should wear your sneakers, with loosed lace and gagging tongue?’ To your satisfaction the answer you received settles your doubts and now you have become sure that you are a reflection of your dad. As the years past, more and more you have been wearing your shoes right, you have been wearing your clothes wrong and so more and more you understand how to adjust to the concerns of society and have now become grown to decide, you were created to be the boy you have always thought you were better at wearing those shoes, because you wore those shoes right from the eyes of a boy. The brain is such a power – house that whatever it grabs, it holds for life until you have decided to let go of distorted conformation. With few words and one statement spoken came the birth of a lesbian, distorted sexuality, distorted identity, distorted mind and distorted spirituality because not only are you physically a homosexual but have grown to be a plethora of divination spirits and the spirit of homosexuality walks and talks with you as you chose to, ‘Wear your shoes right.’
We ought to take our tongue seriously, surely I am not making reference to the so-called pleasurable acts of a lesbian but in general I am making reference to the life of humanity. The words we speak becomes a monument of our experiences, let us practice to speak life and what is truth, godly truth in our lives and the lives of those around us because whether or not you want to believe this, your future is dependent on the words you speak. Imagine the flip side. ‘Hannah, why is your lace loosed and shoe tongue gags?’ ‘In that instance Hannah could say, well mom I feel more comfortable like this, it is an in- thing now.’ ‘Hannah I know it may be an in-thing but there is a higher chance or possibility that your lace being loose may trip you and you may hurt yourself.’ ‘You are beautiful and you don’t need to do everything that others may be doing, be yourself. Words of encouragement always take us to a place of reflection and evaluation of ourselves. While daunting words of de-motivation pushes you to a place of rebellion, distortion and blindsided-compromisation.
Isaiah 45: 9-12 says, ‘Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker, to him who is but a potsherd among the potsherds on the ground. Does the clay say to the potter, ‘what are you making?’ ‘Does your work say he has no hands?’ Woe to him who says to his father, what have you begotten?’ ‘Or his mother, what have you brought to birth?’ This is what the Lord says, the Holy one of Israel, and its maker. Concerning things to come, ‘do you question me about my children or give me orders about the work of my hands?’ It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it. My own hands stretched out the Heavens. I marshalled their starry hosts.
Why do you Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bi-Sexual believe that you hold the power to tell God, the sex or gender you want to be?’ ‘To curse your parents and rebel against your sexual organ, to lobby against your natural identity and question your innate self is a mental deformity caused by external distortional factors such as the very words spoken over or in your lives.
The question is, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ Are you going to accept these statements?
 You don’t wear your shoes right
 You look like a boy with your hair braided back
 You look like a girl in that pink shirt
Are you going to become a walking mirror of distortion and deformity? Or are you going to open your eyes and see life from a new perspective? A transformed mind can only be attained by the spirit of God. Are you going to seek God for answers you have been longing for, for a change you have cheated yourself from, from a life you almost handed over to the spirit of Judas? The moment Judas killed himself was the moment he killed his purposed and destroyed that temple that God have religiously worked on for 6 days, 6 days of hard work since the time of inception, when he created Adam and Eve, he already had you in mind. Are you going to seek God for that change, to wear your clothes right, to wear your mind right, to wear your hair right, to wear your shoes right and to wear your life right?
Isaiah 45: 22 says, ‘Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God and there is no other.’
Isaiah 55: 6 says, ‘seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near.
With God all things are possible and there is nothing too hard for him to do. There is no sin too big for him to forgive and allow him to begin his work in you. Like rehab, it is not going to be easy, no one said it was going to be easy but what was said, ‘All things are possible with God and his grace is sufficient for you, for his strength is made perfect in weakness. In him and only in him will you find life, do you want life? Seek him now.

Distorted Sexuality

Dear God, of all the things I have fallen prey to and have done, please forgive me for I have sinned against you. Help me to understand your truth and transformed my mind as I walk in your purpose. May you hear me in the day of trouble that I may be saved from any temptations that the devil have set out to devour me. Strengthen me O’Lord that I may resist the devil at all angles and place boldness in me that I may witness to others of your change in me. I thank you Lord for delivering me in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Perforated Lies

Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight.


Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight. Proverbs 12:22. Repeatedly we view ourselves as righteous and holy, yet we live miles away from truth. Truth becomes that far distance cousin who we only visit on special holidays or better yet truth becomes our so-called holiday church spirit which we only visit on Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve.  We try to justify our lying lips by using statements such as:
‘A joke mia mek man’
‘Chro petty lie anuh lie’
‘Obligation to confidentiality’
‘It was just a suprise’
‘Yuh never ask me, suh mi jus neva bada seh nutten’
‘Mi neva mean it deh way deh’
‘Mi neva kno how fi tel yuh’
‘Babes mi neva wah hurt yuh’
‘Mi kno yuh wuda get upset’
Etc.  There are so many different scenario of lies, repeated lies.  The saddest thing about it, we train our children in the same manner to practically lie while confusing them with our theories.  We say to them, ‘Children thou shalt not lie, its an abomination to God, lying is wrong.’  Yet, the co-worker who you owed $5000 have stopped by your home for repayments and what do you do?
‘Trecia,’ you whispered.
‘Yes mom,’ Trecia whispered as well.
‘Tell Melicka, I am not home.
Trecia walked briskfully to the door.  As she opened the door and pleasantly said good morning, she then said, ‘Melicka, mom said to tell you she isn’t home.’  Trecia vehemently covers her mouth in shock as her eyes opened wide fearing what the results maybe.  How do you think that child felt or Melicka or even how do you think the mother felt?  All three experienced a moment of confusion, fear, deception, disturbance, shock and regrets.  Lies are lies, whether big or small, the effects of lies are dependent on each person’s unique design.  If we speak against lies daily then why is it we normalize it on the other end.  Are we then saying, lies are uniquely  bipolar?  This minute it functions as a norm and in a split second it changes to the code of wrongs?  Lies cannot be measured via a scale or numerically calculated, it cannot be understood as a categorized fire, flame or explosion neither can it be explained via a time machine sequence.  Just like sin, its neither big nor small.  A sin is a sin and a lie is a lie and a lie is a sin and they both are intertwinably wrong. Lies creates the existence of perforation. Perforate means to pierce and make a hole or holes in to form a separation. When you have lied to someone, it may scar the person emotionally and may create an invisible hole in the person’s heart that forces the person to feel hurt, angry and bitter against the perpetrator. It creates a separation between the liar and the victim as the quality of the relationship becomes broken. When you are dishonest, be it a big or a small lie, it breaks down trust, loyalty, respect, reliability, honesty, assurance, love, unity, peace and security. With this being said, lies maybe looked at as perforated, hence my topic Perforated Lies. Dishonesty have been played with like a new toy around the world for centuries. It is even found in some distasteful situations of the latent, psychopathic mind. The mind that have the sole purpose of making his or her victims believe the very lies by using discreet manipulative tactics. The toxic shadow of emotional abuse perforates your soul subconsciously and dictates your level of insecurities. The emotional abuser lies repeatedly inorder to control and compromise the victim’s reaction. As soon as an emotional abuser discovers their victim is leaving their control, they alter their behaviour to match that of the victim’s desire. For eg. Your husband was always unhelpful and allows you to do everything: Cook, take care of the children, wash, clean, work the same 9 to 5 job as he does, and look after him. The moment you decided to leave, he retraced his actions and immediately takes care of chores such as: Bathing the child/children, cooking, cleaning or even doing outside cleaning without you making that suggestion. This discreet manipulation makes you re-think your decisions and foster his remedial change. The abuser becomes happy because now he got you where he wants you, back under his control. This becomes harder for you because now you have regained trust and now it is more difficult for you to leave, because now you are possibly pregnant after all that make-up shenanigans. At this point the emotional abuser becomes complacent again and his distinct abusive character is now visible again. Now he believes you would never leave, he got you right where he needs you, in his web.

Now your heart, your soul and your securities become perforated with his lies that you have lost yourself in the midst.
Do not allow yourselves to be swaddled in emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is silent yet it is the most dangerous abuse that exist world wide. Anything that targets your mind be it unhealthy and tries to reprogram that weapon is dangerous. Though emotional abuse is not physical, it is physically connective in that, it encapsulates lies that may force you to suicide, to spiritual death, to character misdeamenor, to identity death and also may lead you to be psychopathically abusive to your own loved ones. Emotional abuse and its lies may be physical too because it is physiological in its core. When a liar believes they are in control of their lies and their lies are really to target the victim, it is not so. When a liar, is dishonest, he or she is really lying to themselves. He or She is continuously shaping their own psychopathic future in that, they themselves start to believe their own lies and their lies have now become a norm, what we refer to as a pathological liar. A pathological liar maybe described as an individual who chronically tells grandiose lies that may stretch or exceed the limits of believability. While most people lie or at least bend the truth occasionally, pathological liars do so habitually. Pathological lying should be considered a distinct psychological disorder because of its non motive habitual structure.